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Sometimes we need more wardrobe space at home, but we struggle to find the space to put one. Wardrobes can also be expensive and we don’t always have the budget to splash out. We have the perfect solution! Fabric, portable wardrobes provide a flexible and inexpensive alternative to a traditional wardrobe. They take up little space, and being made of fabric, they are very decorative so you can choose the one that best suits your interior. Quick and easy to assemble and also just as easy to dismantle, so you can pack them away for storage when not in use or easily move to a new room or house.

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World of storage


0.5 x x H.0.5 cm

29.99 53.99



50 x 75 x H.160 cm

20.99 26.99



46 x 70 x H.148 cm

12.99 17.99

NY City


50 x 75 x H.160 cm

23.99 26.99