Bestlock: a high-performance suction fixing system

Driven by the consumer need to increase living space by optimising the storage in their homes, Compactor developed a range of clever storage solutions to use vertical spaces that we do not always think of: our walls. Bestlock technology was designed to provide a wall storage solution that is quick and easily to fit without having to use a drill, screwdriver or hammer. Perfect for those who live in a rented home! The Bestlock range includes suction cup hooks, shelves and other accessories. 

The advantages of Bestlock suction


Bestlock allows you to save space by taking advantage of vertical spaces and using the walls in your home as storage, freeing up valuable floor, cupboard and drawer space. With Bestlock technology your walls remain intact and you can reposition your Bestlock storage when required. 


We can be nervous about drilling holes in walls and causing permanent damage to tiles. This technology does not require any tools or cause damage to your walls, making it ideal for rented homes. Like Compactor vacuum storage technology, the Bestlock technology relies on air. Using a suction cup, an air vacuum is created between the suction cup and the smooth surface of your wall. The air is removed between the two surfaces keeping the item secure on the wall.


Bestlock hooks, shelves and accessories are fixed firmly to the wall and installation is quick and easy! These storage products are ideal for use in the bathroom, kitchen and cloakroom. All Bestlock systems follow the same installation steps: 

  • The surface must be non-porous, such as glass or tiles. Bestlock products will not stay secure on porous or painted walls, as a suction vacuum will not form.
  • The surface has to be clean and dry.
  • The protective plastic covering must be removed before placing the suction cup on the wall. 
  • Press the Bestlock suction firmly against the wall and lock it with a half turn.
  • You cannot exceed the indicated weight limit on the packaging. 

Our Bestlock suction products

Wall storage “without nails or screws” has never been more accessible with Bestlock repositionable suction cup technology. With many different storage solutions available in the range, they can be installed in your kitchen, bathroom and cloakroom with ease. Without the need to drill, nail or glue, you can take advantage of the unused surfaces on your walls to stay organised and save space. Bestlock technology fixes to all perfectly smooth surfaces, glass tiles or mirrors.


Bestlock suction hooks can be easily installed on your bathroom wall to store towels and bathrobes. But that’s not all… You can also use them to hang your flannel in the shower or gloves in the kitchen. No need to drill holes with the innovative suction cup technology.


With the help of Bestlock shelves, you can organise shower essentials such as shampoo and soap. On the bathroom walls you are able to store cosmetics and brushes – everything you need for your daily life, simple and easy organisation!


There is a variety of accessories available for your bathroom such as a telescopic mirror, hairdryer holder and even a toothbrush holder… All products use suction technology and require no holes or screws.

But that’s not all, we also have a range of products for the kitchen; choose from utensil holders, towel holders and more…

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